Effingham 17-Turquoise


1. Kayla Arnold, SEHS, RS/OH
2. Morgan Robertson, RHHS, OH/DS
3. Michaela Zorbo, SEHS, DS/OH
4. Andrea Garcia, ECHS, DS/OH
5. Aliya Goethe, ECHS, Middle
6. Brianna King, ECHS, OH/MH
7. Alaina McDonald, SHS, RS
8. Kylie Neal, ECHS, OH/Middle
9. Jordan Palmer, SHS, DS/OH

Tournament Schedule

1/13- Winter Blast in Upstate, SC          3rd Place!
2/17-2/19  Queen of the Mountain in Gatlinburg, TN   3rd Place!
3/9-3/11  Southern Classic Power in Upstate, SC 29601 3rd Place!
3/24-Shamrock Showdown in Columbia, SC
4/13-4/15  Kudzu Klassik Power   11415 Old Roswell Rd #200 Alpharetta, GA 3000
5/19-5/20    South Florida Super Regional in Deerfield Beach, FL 33442


Parent Roles

  1. Communication Manager- Mrs. Susan Robertson    912.631.0827 
  2. Social Media Manager- Mrs. Dana King
  3. Picture Manager- Mr. Bass
  4. Food Manager- Mrs. Palmer
  5. Equipment- Mr. Arnold, Mr. Dennis, & Mr. McDonald
  6. Parent FB Group-Mr. Bass
  7. Carpool Manager- Mrs. Marsha McDonald   912.481.0376