Ashley Wingers   Director, Owner


  • USA Volleyball Coaches Accreditation Program- Level 1 Certified
  • 20 Years playing experience including 4 years division 1 at Jacksonville University
  • USA Volleyball Olympic Trainee-2011
  • 6 years coaching experience including Tennessee and Georgia southern University Camp Coaching


As a coach, I emphasize team. Without the team, we fail. I also emphasize  team chemistry, intentional improvement, and a sense of humor/having fun.

I expect my athletes to choose to work hard, have a positive attitude, be coach-able, humble, give their best effort, and be respectful. Furthermore, my athletes will need to have a sense of humor.

My athletes and parents should expect me to be the most caring coach they’ve ever had. One that intentionally foster and grows their relationship. They should expect me to be prepared, passionate, and progressive. Above all, consistently emphasizing that the character they develop and the sportsmanship that they show out weigh the scoreboard every time.


Ashlyn Hartman     Assistant Coach, 14-Grey


In my gym, it is important to have fun, work as a team (teamwork), make improvement on the
court, and encourage each other along the way. I expect my athletes to choose hard work, giving
one hundred percent effort, creating a competitive environment, and a positive attitude. You
should expect me to be committed to being the best prepared to serve and grow your daughter
both on and off the court.