How We Train Our Coaches

To be come a coach at SVA, it is a four month long interview process. The steps and training are outlined below. Whether you are a parent or a potential future coach, here is an inside look at what it takes to be a coach at SVA.

  1. Initial Interview with Director Ashley Wingers.
  2. Luncheon with all coaches, present and potential, to gauge inter-staff dynamic and culture fits.
  3. Assist and attend one or two practice session with Director Ashley to gauge coach-player dynamic.
  4. Attend both Coaches Training Sessions on two Saturdays in October.
    1. Session 1-What SVA is all about; how we got started; our culture; develop your coaching philosophy.
    2. Session 2- The X’s and O’s of SVA; team defense and offense; cues for each of the 6 fundamental skills.
  5. Assist and attend tryouts.
  6. Final Meeting with Director Ashley to discuss final decision.

Upon successfully completing the above, the Coaches then go through SafeSport Training. More information  can be found by clicking on the name. Also, coaches are expected to read and sign both the USAV Coaches Code of Ethics and Conduct and the Southern Volleyball Academy Code of Conduct.

Once a coach is officially on staff, there are monthly staff meetings that accomplish three things:

  1. Time of Staff Bonding and get to know each other better.
  2. For them to share an update on how their season with their team is going as well as present any issues they may be having.
  3. A continued Coaches Education Component which varies each month; an example would be: A more effective way to plan your practice based off of what your players need to improve upon.

Interested in becoming a coach? We are always looking for passionate, value driven coaches to join our mission! Call us at: 904.945.1289