How we Define Success

We will be successful.

Here at Southern Volleyball Academy we define success not by the wins and losses, but by the way we share the love of Christ with others both on and off the court.

There are five relationships that we must focus on in order to be successful. The relationships with:

  1. Yourself
  2. Your teammates
  3. Your coaches
  4. The opponent and officials
  5. The fans and supporters

We will be working with your daughters to not only develop and improve their volleyball skills and knowledge of the game, but we will be focused on the intangibles that will make them a more well rounded and successful individual in life after their volleyball career ends and they enter the real world. These character qualities include their work ethic, respect for all, a team mentality, confidence, and humility. We hope to enable our players to use their gifts for the betterment of the team while enabling others to do the same.

In one sentence, our goal here is to develop volleyball skills and develop humble, hard-working, and holy women determined to leave a legacy.