Parent Roles

We need YOUR help this season. Below are the Team Parent Roles we need to fill so that this year can run smoothly. Please have a read and let us know if you are interesting in claiming any of these roles. The more help we can have, the better. Thank you in advance for assisting us and making this season such a great one to remember.

  1. Score Reporter– Post updates while we are at tournaments regarding the outcome and scores of the match for parents who may not be able to attend.
  2. Social Media Manager– Post updates after each match. Please include scores and highlights as well as pictures from the Picture Manager. If you attend a practice, feel free to post something from practice as well; our focus for the evening or a funny moment that happens.
  3. Picture Manager– Take pictures of all the tournaments we attend and email them or jump drive them to Coach Ashley as she can publish them on FB and/or the Website for all to see. If you plan to send them on a jump drive, let Coach Ashley know and she will get one for you if needed.
  4. Food Manager– Organize and correlate all food for tournaments. Typically we will need breakfast and lunch only. Healthy and Approved options include: fruit,  lots of vegetables, lunch meat, granola bars, beef jerky, hummus, peanut butter, etc. Please ask about food allergies of team and try to avoid if possible.
  5. Equipment Manager– Assist coaches in carrying in bags of balls and cart. Help shag balls during warmups. Please wear an SVA t-shirt when you are performing this role and try to correlate with others that may be assisting as well.
  6. Parent FB Group– Read the articles and post comments and/or questions. Assist us in keeping the conversation going.
  7. Carpool Manager– Is the go to person if anyone needs assistance in transporting their child to and from a practice or a tournament. Your phone number will be listed on our website on your teams’ page.

If any of these appeal to you and you would like to accept the position for your team, please email Director Ashley Wingers and let her know which team and which position.