What is Club Volleyball?

Club volleyball refers to USA  Volleyball, which is a highly organized, national competitive volleyball network designed to provide training and playing opportunities for young, pre-college athletes. Club volleyball provides a competitive level of play for girls who are interested in improving their skills and gaining the experience necessary to play in high school and beyond as well as focus on the life lessons that can be learned through the sport in hopes of positively molding their character.

How are team formed?

Teams are formed based on the results of tryouts.  Players try out for a spot in their age group and teams are formed according to skill, work ethic/grit, and contribution to team chemistry.

How many players are on a team?

Number of athletes on a team is dependent upon the number of athletes that tryout as well as what the coaches believe would be the best for the team to have a good season.

How many practices do teams have per week?

Typically, Local Teams practice 2 times per week and Travel Teams Practice 3 times per week. Throughout the season, situations happen where sometimes this is either reduced or exceeded.

When does club season start and end?

For all teams, practices typically begins in December and goes through at least April with a two week break for Christmas.

How much does it cost?

Cost Per Player: Assuming 10 players minimum 

Option 1:  Local Team $1,300
-Typically 2 Practices per week, but not always
-A minimum of 2, one-day tournaments

Option 2:  Travel $2,500
-Typically 3  Practices per week, but not always
-Approximate tournaments (2, 1-Day Tournaments  and 2, 2-Day Tournaments including at National Qualifier)

Within the club cost comes:
-All Gear excepts shoes, kneepads, and socks. (prefer white)
-USAV Membership
-Tournament Entry Fees
-Hotels (for Travel Teams first 2 months of season)
-Transportation to 2-Day tournaments (for Travel Teams first 2 months of season)
-Coaches and their training
-Facility Rentals
-Administrative Costs
If an athlete has an atypical joining process which includes not attending tryouts and is permitted to join late, there is an additional cost for administration and USAV Membership.

What payment plans do you plan to offer for the 2018-2019 season?

20% November 2018
20% December 2018
20% January 2019
20% February 2019
20% March 2019

We offer different payment plan options and need a payment upon submitting your Commitment Form so that we can order gear and begin registering for tournaments. We also offer custom payment plans. Let us know what we can do to help and if there is a different payment plan that would would better for you.

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